Bronine Volkit Charger 

Charge various types of cameras, smartphones,

and drones simultaneously now! 

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Bronine Volkit Charger (2port)
Free Voltage Cable (15cm)
60w PD Charger

1 KIT type

Bronine Volkit Charger (2port)
Free Voltage Cable (15cm)

1 KIT type

Wireless fast charging stand


Free Voltage Cable (15cm)
60w PD Charger

2 KIT types

Bronine Volkit Charger(4port)


Bronine Volkit Charger can simultaneously charge various cameras, smartphones, drones and batteries regardless of brand (Canon, Sony, Olympus, etc), model or voltage.

These are common situations when using
camera/drone/battery outdoors.

Can't use them

when battery

runs out.

You must carry a different charger for every single brand

No place to charge.

Charging every device at a time, as it is not possible to

charge simultaneously

At times like these,

Bronine Volkit Charger is all you need


Bronine Volkit Charger is…

Mindless of voltage

Previous chargers could only charge products within a designated voltage,

Bronine Volkit Charger is able to expand the charging range from 1V to 20V, 

charging regardless of voltage due to an algorism analysis technology.

Mindless of the place

Can be used anywhere through a Power Bank, Cigar-Jack or power outlet!

Inside your car! Outdoors! Indoors! Charge everywhere!

Mindless of Model

Charges any camera regardless of brand (Canon, Sony, Olympus, etc), model

(Mirrorless, DSLR, Action cam, etc) and smartphones, drones and batteries.

Able to simultaneously charge various devices

While existing camera chargers can only charge up to 2 batteries at once,

Bronine Volkit Charger can simultaneously charge up to 4 different devices



Easy and convenient to carry around everywhere thanks to it's light and simple design.


How does a Free Voltage Charger operate?

Bronine Volkit Charger technology analyzes the voltage of every device in order to provide the correct amount

when charging

Size & Weight









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