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Two years ago, we recognized the change in the sea while scuba diving overseas.

Pollution in the sea was going very fast due to various kinds of plastic, etc.


According to the investigation, in only one year, there was huge amount of environmental waste to cover the entire area of San Francisco and recycling of the waste was less than 20 percent.

Also, the environmental impact of chargers and adapters, which are simply consumed as accessories for electronics, was significant.


With this shocking result, we started to consider how to change the world with what we are good at.

We wanted to protect the environment not only seeking the convenience but also considering technical coexistence.

We planned to develop a new charging technology based on the cylindrical battery charging technology that we had been developed since 2014.


What if only one charger can charge all electronics?


We successfully developed the technology after 2 years of planning and 3 years of development.

“FREE VOLTAGE CHARGER which can charge all electronics regardless of charging voltage”

Now, you don’t have to discard chargers and adapters when changing new electronics.


Join the Kickstarter and let's change the world together!

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